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Exploring Apple iPad: iPadOS 14 Edition (eBook,...
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iPads have become an essential tool for students, business users, and home users. Updated to cover the iPadOS 14 update, Exploring Apple iPad will help you get to grips with the fundamentals of your device. Written in a clear and accessible way using screenshots, video demos, and easy to follow instructions, Exploring Apple iPad will help you:Upgrade your iPad to iPadOS 14Discover new features of iPadOS 14Find your way around the dock, menus, and iconsNavigate with touch gestures: tap, drag, pinch, spread and swipeMulti-task with slide over, split view, and drag & dropUse control centre, lock screen, notifications, and handoffUse Apple Pencil to draw, annotate, and take notesGet to know Siri, voice dictation, and recording voice memosCommunicate with email, FaceTime, and iMessageUse digital touch, and peer-to-peer paymentsBrowse the web with Safari web browserTake, enhance, and share photos and videoStream music with Apple Music, buy tracks & albums from iTunes StoreStream TV programs & movies with the new Apple TV AppUse Files App, as well as Maps, News, Apple Books, and NotesSetup and use Apple Pay, Calendar, and Contacts, and more...In addition, you will learn how to make the most of the new features of iPadOS 14 with clear explanations and video demos to help you along the way. Finally, system updates, backups, and general housekeeping tips complete this invaluable guide. You'll want to keep this edition handy as you explore your iPad.

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